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Played all three levels. Really nice!

Cool game!

Awesome game! I really enjoyed it. Cool idea, good graphics. I found it a bit challenging until I discovered the "trick": circling the light around at a regular pace works wonderfully, better than shining the light at specific obstacles. Perhaps to prevent that trick you could shorten the "memory" of the ships... For example, every second they "forget" where the obstacles are, so they need to be constantly reminded / redirected.


Apparently the game is easier if you behave like an actual light house


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hahaha, now I know why the real ones spin! They figured out the dominant strategy ;)

Thanks, friend! I've made some updates to the game, added a shop, and progression curve, and I added a "reload" mechanic and nerf'd the spin speed. If you want to give it another go at some point, I'm hoping it's a bit more engaging/challenging now :)