Controls: WASD, E to get in/out of vehicles, Shift to trade your boy's health for speed

In "Succubus," you'll play as a succubus ride-share driver, piloting a human-pulled chariot, transporting the damned to their place of torment. Think crazy taxi, but in hell, and no-one wants to arrive at their destination. Use torture implements to 'motivate' your boys up to speed and smash through obstacles, but don't drain their health too much or you'll be walking home ;)


PixelPax - Director, engineering, various pixel and 3d art/animation

Xazzy - Art director, level design, intro art, sfx curation

Curelapse - Character pixel art & animations, various pixel art

Saucysaja - Composer (two original pieces)

Tetracup  - Engineering and design

Aedric - Intro plaque, billboards  & signs, other pixel art

Merly23 - A couple unique buildings, hand icons

Some assets used with permission: Synty Apocalpyse, Stylized fire, ProPixelizer, TopDownEngine by Reuno, some sprites by Elthen

Special thanks to Reuno & ElliotB256 for always helping when I get stuck on stuff

there was a time long ago when you lived in a van by my place
you took me rock climbing and we played games
your birthday is nigh and near
call me so we can celebrate another year


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nice arcade