NOTE: Game is pretty unplayable on Mac Chrome. This seems to be because of Unity WebGL bug. Please don't leave us a bad review if you're playing on Chrome Mac, Firefox Macos DOES  seem to be working fine.


Match the potion color to a critter to wipe 'em out.

Use WASD to move

LEFT CLICK to throw your current held potion

RIGHT CLICK to set aside your current held potion, then RIGHT CLICK AGAIN to use the reserved potion

Beware!! Potions will lose their potency  over time and stop harming monsters but they will still effect you!

Don't be left without any potions! Restock by collecting potion crates that spawn somewhere on the map to avoid getting overwhelmed

One more kindred friend, close to your heart
Held you through college and helped with your start
From youngins’ to reunions, learned & loved plenty
While she’s off riding and helping, just about any


Henry's home alone and overreacting again-- he's a danger to himself.

He's gotten so worked up over the critters in his house, that he's willing to burn, melt, poison, and freeze every corner of the place till every one of 'em is gone.

But Henry's a rebel against his own cause and he can hardly step anywhere safe with all the potion goo he's spread around the house. 

Help him nip this infestation in the bud before he knocks the house down or has a cardiac infarction (or at least until his family gets home).

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