WASD & Space to control character, IJKL to control spaceship (and thus, local gravity). Note: bottom and side thrusters (J, L, and I) must be activated in game by pressing the Space against thruster activation consoles

Escape Key -> Pause menu to skip or restart a level if you get stuck


The spaceship Junko works on has been taken by pirates. By a stroke of luck, she finds herself able to control the spaceship with her mind. Use the ship to create artificial gravity and help Junko navigate the dungeon.

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes you can get stuck in walls. If you do, just pause and restart or skip the level.


Fidel Delgado built the music 

Pixel Pax did everything else

Made with Unity, including plugins: ProPixelizer, Dialogue System for Unity, Corgi, and some Synty assets.

Many suns and moons ago we sat in stride  Learning cooperation and sitting by the tide I kept the greens tall n’ bright and your heart well fed A friendship so sweet; birthday’s intertwined ahead


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Ok I really love the art, style choices, I like the dialogue, and I like the music, but man oh man, this game is JANK. the camera and controls are like impossible to figure out. I really like the characters and stuff but the actual gameplay is just not there.

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Thanks for the honest feedback, I wasn't able to get the controls as tight as I would've liked to within the time limit. I took on a lot of complicated features that were brand new for me and built this game on my own except the music. Ultimately just didn't have the time budget to polish up to my own release standards unfortunately.

I loved your game, and wish you luck on all future projects :)

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The gravity mechanics are completely unintuitive. Changing Y-axis direction of the ship should affect your Y-axis movement, but in the game the X-axis gets inverted too. Sometimes the gravity is jittery and accelerates super quickly in one direction (most often killing you).

Some mechanics are unreliable. Often it's possible to jump during a fall, but sometimes it simply not works. Sometimes changing gravity resets this, sometimes it doesn't.

The camera is far too janky.

One-hit-kill is very frustrating especially as the respawn takes a while (and keeps your momentum before death, which often kills you). Sometimes you simply spawn behind the scenery, which forces you to restart the level, making it even more frustrating.

There is some interesting game burried in bugs and I hope you can fix it.

Also I'm not sure why the characters talk like toxic, passive aggressive teenagers. (Non stop insults including insults against the mother. So rude.)

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Thanks for your feedback. This is a 72-hour game jam submission and I worked on it by myself except for the music, I'm not sure if you knew that when writing this.

Sorry for any frustration the bugs have caused you, I did not have time to fix everything I wanted to and I know the controls need a lot of attention.

Fwiw, there's only one "yo mama" joke and it's within the only instance of adversarial interaction in the game.  I understand that kind of humor is not for everyone.

I had a look at your most recent game and it was lovely, hope to see more from you in the future.


"I'm not sure if you knew that when writing this."

I knew. Sorry if my comment came off as too negative. It wasn't meant that way, I just wanted to point to the things that (I think) need improvement, if you decide to continue working on it - which you should, as it is a cool idea.