Frog Daddy Dash is a game about the time crunch of being a single, working parent. Try to scrape together some money selling mushrooms during the day, and spend your limited time as a currency at night to take care of yourself and your family. 

Sometimes you will have to make hard choices as to what you'll spend your hours on. When your a single, working parent, there's never enough hours in the day.

Please run on Chrome or Windows if you leave a ranking-- we did not have time to test on other browsers. Press R to respawn if you get stuck in a wall.


  • WASD/Arrows, space to jump
  • R to respawn if you get stuck
  • mouse or arrows+space to make dialogue selections.
  • You can press Down+Space to pass through some platforms.
  • You can wall jump, zipline, and double jump in this game.

Thanks to Reuno w/ Corgi Engine and Tony Li with Dialogue System for Unity who both maintain and support excellent assets.

One last person so dear to you, kin
Someone you’ve gotten to see on a whim
Helping him through all sets of conundrums
Hanging cool in the south, the one you get sun from

Incredible ORIGINAL artwork by Remy

Incredible ORIGINAL sound track by Saja

PixelPax made it do stuff.

Special thanks to FM for the awesome clock and vase, Minini for the amazing family dialogue portraits, Kideya for UI concepts, lssndr for playtesting! 


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsGwelkind, saucysaja, alt404
Made withUnity
TagsAction RPG, Frogs, Life Simulation


Download 82 MB
Download 45 MB


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Very nice game ^^ I enjoyed it a lot, I'm glad I discovered it ! 


The aesthetics are giving me some Cave Story vibes, I love it. Very cute and wholesome little game, awesome job!


i got caught inside a wall and slid down beneath the map, it was hilarious. it's such a cozy game despite the time crunch.


really cool and i love the mini world setting. It feels very like home!


Super crunchy fx and sprites! This one is really impressive for a 72 hour jam! Great work!